A’ Design Award

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Our Marquise project has been awarded by the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition with the Bronze Award in the category of Good Architectural Space Design. Additionally, Ricardo received the nomination for Designer of the Year 2018-2019 in such a prestigious event!

We receive this great honor with enthusiasm since the A’Design Awards is the most important symbol of excellence in design and innovation.


The A’ Design Award is the largest international design contest in the world. This award seeks to encourage designers, companies and brands to design better products, services and systems for the benefit of humanity.

For the year 2018-2019, there are winners from 106 countries in 98 categories, in which designs that are distinguished by their functionality, aesthetics, sustainability, functionality, efficiency and performance are rewarded.

The designers, companies and institutions of all countries are called every year to participate nominating their best works and projects, and on April 15 the winners are announced. There are five different levels of distinction: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron.

The awards are granted by an international panel of jurors composed of prominent design professionals, academics, members of the press and entrepreneurs. The chosen designs are those that contribute to the arts, sciences, design and technology, being considered as superior work that helps create a better world for everyone.


The award-winning project consists of a large glass and steel monument of 145 meters high. This innovative design stands out for its contribution to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly designs. The structure is surrounded by a water mirror that hides two tanks that collect rainwater allowing the reuse of these waters for irrigation in surrounding areas.

The monument has two ramps that descend towards a square that is surrounded by waterfalls. In the upper part of the structure, at 113 meters high there is an observation platform that is designed to give its visitors the opportunity to observe the city from a privileged position. Additionally, the project has led lighting and 200 square meters of commercial areas.

This award is a recognition to Ricardo de Castro and the human and professional talent of the study, as well as the use of technology and research to design solutions to the socio-environmental needs of our cities, leaving a great legacy for the new generations.

The winning projects of the A’ Design Awards are included in the contest yearbook and are promoted internationally, as the works are translated into dozens of languages ​​and disseminated to thousands of members of the media. This is why the award received, and Ricardo’s nomination as Designer of the year 2018-2019, gives him a deserved international recognition to his work and a privileged place in the world of architecture.

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