Loma Luna

Villa Loma Luna is a recreational complex that offers the highest standards of luxury to its visitors, combining architectural design with landscape design to allow the enjoyment of nature and the organization of any type of events. Designed to serve mainly international visitors, the greatest design challenge was to generate an iconic architectural volume, highly … Read more


Peloro 416 is an apartment that we work from its black work and we use light colors to gain a sense of spaciousness by bringing natural light to the bottom of the apartment.

Villa Acantilado

A luxurious property located on the outskirts of Barranquilla, Colombia. Boasting an astonishing wide open space view, this luxurious villa provides tranquility and total privacy.


The glossy white of the surfaces blends with the glass, maintaining visibility while letting light into the space.

Par 5702

Residential development located in Barranquilla, Colombia. This apartment is characterized by its floor-to-ceiling windows, framing an incredible view of the city and filling every room with natural light. Monochromatic white walls are highlighted with soft furnishings in rich colors, creating a harmonious atmosphere.


This project was created with the purpose of maximizing open spaces and natural light, maintaining the interior brightness allowing subtle colors to stand out.