The importance of good design for a restaurant

Designing or redesigning a restaurant requires planning and strategy. Each space has a purpose and must ensure the best experience, atmosphere and comfort for customers. It is important to note that the interior design of a restaurant is a crucial part of the marketing and sales strategy. It is the first thing customers see and … Read more

A’ Design Award

Our Marquise project has been awarded by the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition with the Bronze Award in the category of Good Architectural Space Design. Additionally, Ricardo received the nomination for Designer of the Year 2018-2019 in such a prestigious event! We receive this great honor with enthusiasm since the A’Design Awards is the … Read more

Arquitectura Sostenible

El acceso a la información en cuanto a desastres naturales y calidad de vida ha cambiado la forma como el mundo percibe el medio ambiente. Hoy en día hablar de cambio climático es cada vez más común y su efecto inmediato ha logrado que los asuntos ambientales se encuentren en la agenda de  los gobiernos … Read more


It is a showroom that follows the Italian line with a minimalist touch. It has a modern and tropical tone. The aim was to reflect the Miami climate by playing with the steel in the facade. Divisions were created to create specific environments. The lighting was well thought out so that it had the right … Read more