La Cima

La Cima is a 340 m2 house, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at a height of 1800 meters above sea level. Its location responds to the idea of ​​projecting a construction that is integrated into the landscape without altering the conditions of the existing natural environment and where the direct view of … Read more

Mica House – Rethinking The Future

Mica house Mica Passive House is a house of 687 Square Feet, located within a residential area of the city of Puerto Colombia, Colombia. Minimalist style and sustainability concepts define architectural volume settings. Its location on the ground responds to the study of shadows and sunlight of the Atlantic area which is characterized by high … Read more

El Cielo – Colombian Society of Architects

El Cielo A special residential project is hidden in the depths of the Colombian mountains of the Sierra Nevada, located on Vereda Bella Vista, via San Lorenzo. At a height of 1890 m, this two-level house is built for residential-holiday use reflecting the beauty of the ancestral indigenous land with contemporary luxuries and comfort, characterized … Read more

Marquise – Adesign Award – Rethinking The Future

Monument to the Magdalena river Ricardo De Castro wanted to honor his city by creating a proposal for a spectacular monument that would represent the love for his birthplace. The creation imagined in glass and steel has unequalable aesthetic attributes, it would serve as an architectonic icon, and economic and environmental input for the city, … Read more