Villa Mar

Villa Mar, is a house located in the area of ​​Punta Roca, Colombia; which is projected as a space in total harmony with the natural environment, reflecting in its architectural and interior design three basic concepts: sustainability, functionality and simplicity. The project is located at the highest point of the land, and takes advantage of … Read more

Loma Luna

Villa Loma Luna is a recreational complex that offers the highest standards of luxury to its visitors, combining architectural design with landscape design to allow the enjoyment of nature and the organization of any type of events. Designed to serve mainly international visitors, the greatest design challenge was to generate an iconic architectural volume, highly … Read more

La Cima

La Cima is a 340 m2 house, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at a height of 1800 meters above sea level. Its location responds to the idea of ​​projecting a construction that is integrated into the landscape without altering the conditions of the existing natural environment and where the direct view of … Read more

9740 Bay Harbor

A modern house with minimalist details of European origins. The design of the ceilings mark and indirectly illuminate the routes of the house.

Las Nubes

Las Nubes a house that integrates with its environment using wood as the main material. Developed to be a cozy cabin with sustainable principles, the clouds have solar panels capable of providing 100% of the energy it needs.


CHALLENGE: Design a home capable of maintaining an adequate temperature inside, using and integrating itself with the conditions of its environment to reduce energy consumption. SOLUTION: Application of sustainable design strategies at low cost that allow access and regulation of natural light and ventilation inside Mica is a house located in the Colombian Atlantic area … Read more


CHALLENGE: Design a home that blends in harmoniously with its context and takes advantage of local resources for its construction. SOLUTION: Sustainable housing capable of producing total energy for its operation. Adal is a modern house designed according to its context, which allows the enjoyment of the interior and exterior spaces thanks to the landscape … Read more


CHALLENGE: Design a sustainable home, taking advantage of the particularities of the lot to ensure energy and financial savings in the home. SOLUTION: Self-sufficient house with a gray water collection and treatment system and solar radiation control systems to ensure greater thermal and environmental comfort with low energy costs. Juca is a house that is … Read more

El Cielo

CHALLENGE: Design a home that blends in with the exterior and maintains a direct view of the landscape. SOLUTION: Perimeter windows that allow direct communication between the interior and exterior. El Cielo, is a house for residential-vacation use that is located in the high mountains of the Colombian Sierra Nevada, at an altitude of 1890 … Read more

Villa A Estrada

Villa A Estrada is a house with Mediterranean architecture and eclectic interiors designed to supply all the comforts of a country villa.